It’s Finished!

It took way to long, but eventually we’ve come to the point where we can say that the AT site is in version 1.0 meaning that from now on there should not be any more bugs, errors or other problems.
However, the system is far from perfect so if you happen to have found a bug, please send an email to the Web Committee.

About Version 1.0

For those of you whom want to know, here is a quick list of features available in version 1.0:

  • Theme
    • The Theme is specifically designed for AT and made public for free for everyone to use.
  • Registration
    • All AT members can now register for the site.
    • There is a profile picture. Please use a picture of yourself (this is only visible for other members).
    • There is a reCaptcha to prevent bots from registering.
    • And the registrations are actively monitored to only allow AT Members.
  • Updating your profile
    • You can at any time update your profile if something changes.
    • Note that this does mean that it is again the members responsibility to keep this up to date.
  • Events
    • All the All Terrain events we organize will be put on the site.
    • If you want to join an event; please register on the site (we use this list to plan the event).
    • One Click registering: If you are signed in, registering for and event is just one click away!