Upcoming Events

AT Halloween

To kick back and relax after a week of exams and get your mind on something else for a moment we organize a night full of treats in a Halloween setting. We have 3 consequent parts from which you can pick as many as you like.   Cooking workshop (online Discord) 19.00-20.00 To start you off with a treat for yourself we guide you through a recipe to indulge yourself with a little something. We will come with a list of ingredients soon.   Track and Treat (offline) 20.00-21.30 To get some fresh air and more into the "trick and treat" mood, we organize a "track and treat". To participate you have to have an address in Eindhoven or team up with someone with an address in Eindhoven. What's the game? You hand in your address and a photo of your mailbox at the organizers mail. At the evening yourself you will receive 2-3 coordinates close to the address+corresponding pictures. You have 1,5 hours to track the mailboxes and deliver treats and get back to your address. Bonus points if you do this dressed up. Once at home you can open your mailbox and enjoy your treats. To make this event a bit more corona-proof you have to take the following in mind: We do this activity individually. At the end we can meet online via discord where you can talk about how it went and more. Also, the candy you deliver should be in a sealed package so the candy itself can never be contaminated. Examples are candy bars (like mars, twix), bags of candy (e.g. haribo bears) and single packaged cookies but of course there is more possible.   Games from 21.30 On the Discord we will team up for some horrifyingly nice games. Are you going to figure out how the murder was done? Or are you going to eat one of your buddy AT'ers during an imaginative night in Werewolves? Join us for a bloody night of games.
2020-10-30 19:00
2020-10-30 23:00

[Post-poned] Oldenzaal Survival Relay

Due to the new COVID-19 measures, the Oldenzaal Survival Relay has been post-poned. The Outdoor Challenge Park in Oldenzaal is planning a survival relay on the 8th of November. This is a course of 21 obstacles, to be completed as many times as possible in 90 minutes. It can be run individually, in teams of two (though run individually in turns), or in teams of four (run in alternating pairs). It will cost 17.50 € per person. We want to send some All Terrain teams, and sponsor transport! When you subscribe on this site, we will add you to the WhatsApp group to organise a team (so don't worry, you don't need to have a full team planned already). Then once teams are set we will register via the SBN site shown below. For more info about the relay, and also when you or your team is ready to subscribe, you can click this link.
2020-11-08 10:00
2020-11-08 16:00

Past Events

Orienteering training

The Outdoor Sports committee is organizing their first activity on the 25th of October! This time we will give you an introduction into orienteering. The basics of orienteering involve navigating using a map and finding points as quick as possible. If you are new to orienteering this will be a perfect introduction since we plan on organizing a few more orienteering events :) Please register below if you want to join. If you cannot wait for the 25 of October you can always check out some of orienteering runs set out by Olivia and Tom!
2020-10-25 14:00
2020-10-25 16:00

Neede Survivalrun [CANCELLED]

The Neede Survivalrun is one of the only runs this year. Luckily it is going to be a lot of fun! There are still around 10 spots available for both the MSR and KSR. The 14k MSR will happen October 17th. The 7k KSR will be October 18th.  If you have a SBN license and still want to join, you can do so at: https://survivalneede.nl/?page_id=512 (there are still a couple of spots left!) Please subscribe for this event, so we can know whether we should arrange transport for you!  
2020-10-17 10:00
2020-10-18 16:00

The AT 1v100 Gameshow v.2.0

October 16rd,  it's time to  test some of your more useless knowledge. It is time for a new edition of the AT GameShow. The Gameshow will be in the style of  the television program 1 vs 100. Fight your way through a gauntlet of smart opponents or become the one to steal the spotlight from the person in the hotseat. Compete for the highest score, but more importantly, just have a lot of fun. The event will be on the AT Discord in order to keep everyone as safe as possible during these corona times! We will gather at the  AT Discord at 19.15 to explain the rules to everyone and we will start 15 minutes later with the acutal show. Please let us know you are joining by subscribing, it is going to be fun!
2020-10-16 19:15
2020-10-16 23:00

Outdoor Valley Run

  The first survivalrun of the season!!! This run will (hopefully) be in Rotterdam on the 11th of October through the Hoge Bergse Bos. There is a 3, 6 and 9 kilometer course, and each can be done alone or in pairs. Although it filled up quickly there are still a few spots left, so sign up here. Up until two weeks before the run you will get your money back if it is cancelled due to changes in Covid rules, so don't hesitate to register.
2020-10-11 09:00
2020-10-11 18:00

[CANCELLED] Veluweloop 2020

Cancelled due to lack of interested runners. We'll try for a team next year! The Veluweloop is a relay running race with a team of 12, with each member running a distance between 5 and 11km. Entry costs are ten euros per runner. Transport costs should be around five euros. There is the option to camp there the night before and after, and join a party afterwards on Saturday night (not entirely sure yet how this will be managed with corona, but at the moment the organisers are still planning the party). However, please note this event is on the 10th October- the day before the Outdoor Valley Survivalrun and the Beat the Beast Adventure Race. If you are interested, sign up here and the board will add you to the Veluweloop 2020 chat. If we have enough runners, the board will organise an AT team to knock the socks off the competition!
2020-10-10 08:00
2020-10-11 04:00

Half yearly GMA: Revising the budget

At the start of our board year we made a budget. The board thinks enough has changed that the budget should be revised and updated. There is also a small dispute to be settled by vote of the members: whether Justin is obliged to run the entire 81km Veluweloop by himself (or equivalent at a later date) after registering for a cancelled event. That's why the board will hold another GMA, a half-yearly GMA if you will, at the 8th of October from 19:00 till (hopefully) 20:00. The GMA will be held on Discord, so if you haven't joined the AT discord yet, click here. More information should already have been sent to your mail. And the revised budget will be sent to your mail at least 48 hours before the GMA. If you have any questions after that then please contact the board at board@allterrain.nl.
2020-10-08 19:00
2020-10-08 20:00

Upbeatles pubquiz

As Introweekend is no longer going ahead, we thought it would be fun to still hold an event together online: the Upbeatles Pubquiz! It will be held on Saturday 3rd October from 20:00 - 22:30. Register below and we will make teams from the interested All Terrainers. We will likely communicate in teams through the AT discord, which you can join here. For info about the quiz, click here.
2020-10-03 20:00
2020-10-03 23:00

[CANCELLED] Introduction Weekend

Are you new to All Terrain and want to get to know the other members while enjoying a wonderful weekend outdoors? Or are you an older member that knows the All Terrain weekends are always lots of fun? For everyone, we have the introduction weekend!   This will be a weekend full of fun outdoor activities, challenges, food and much more! And it’s a great way to get to know All Terrain and all of our members!   The cost of the weekend is expected to be somewhere between 30 and 50 euros. You will need a reliable bike with which you can comfortably cycle >30km, a tent for yourself, and warm sleeping clothes for outdoor temperatures.   Because of COVID-19, we will be going somewhere within cycling distance to avoid riding together in a car. This also means that this year we will not build the traditional big All Terrain tent, hence individual tents are necessary. If you do not have a tent to use, please indicate when you register and we will try to organize one for you. We will still need a couple of cars to transport gear, so please let us know if you have a car to use!   The maximum number of participants is 30, if 30 people have subscribed, we will ask some of the older members who have already experienced introweekend to give up their place for new members. For a list of all gear you will need for the weekend we have the packing list. Please abide by our protocol.
2020-10-02 18:00
2020-10-04 17:00