Upcoming Events

Intro Weekend

Did you just join All Terrain and want to get to know the other members while enjoying a wonderful outdoor weekend? Or are you an older member that knows how much fun the All Terrain weekends are?  For all of you we have the introduction weekend! This will be a weekend full of outdoor activities, lots of food, and much more! And it's a great way to get to know the other members. The cost of the weekend is expected to be around 60 euros. There are limited spots available, so subscribe fast. The subscriptions will close on September 28 at 21:00, so subscribe fast!
2022-09-30 19:00
2022-10-02 17:00

Gala FEL

Two years ago our friends at FEL were celebrating their association turning 5! For this joyous occasion they were planning a lustrum gala, which unfortunately had to be postponed due to Covid. The gala will however take place this year on Friday the 7th of October. You can subscribe with the following link: Gala form   For 30 euros you will get an evening of fun with beer and wine included! They offer sleeping locations in their subscription form. Their theme is "under water", so think of dark/FEL blue and pearl colours.   Please also subscribe on our website below so that we know who is going :)
2022-10-07 21:00
2022-10-08 01:00

Hunted (outdoor game)

Who doesn't like a good game of hide and seek? Get into the skin of a hunter or hunted. In this game we take turns to trace down the hunted with a team or sneaky hide away in an alley as the hunted.   When? 10th of October   Where? We'll play in the region East to and in the Henri Dunant Park. We'll meet up at Doctor Hermansweg 80.   What do I need? The game is optimal if you have a phone on which you can download the small app "Jachtseizoen" and which has access to mobile internet and GPS. Not in possession of such phone? We'll team you up with someone else that does (provided we have enough phones). We'll be running around in the dark, so dress yourself as you see fit to this ;-).   Do you want to join? Please fill in this form.   Any questions? Please drop us a message: activities@allterrain.nl
2022-10-10 19:30
2022-10-10 21:30

BOSSO Exchange Slopend

The first exchange training of the academic year is coming soon. On Saturday 15 October, all student survivalrunners are welcome to explore Slopend's training course in Delft. Please subscribe on the website and via the link so we know how many people are going. Would you like to join dinner afterwards? You can, just indicate in the form.

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2022-10-15 16:00
2022-10-15 20:00

Outdoor Valley Survivalrun

Subscriptions have opened for the Outdoor Valley survivalrun in Rotterdam! There are many different categories to choose from, beginner or advanced, everyone can join. On October 16 the run will take place with the following categories:
  1. 9KM solo heavy
  2. 9KM koppel heavy
  3. 6KM solo heavy
  4. 6KM koppel heavy
  5. 6KM solo light
  6. 6team light
Registration is open and possible until 16-10-2022 (except if it is full). Registration closes 23-09-2022. You can register here 
2022-10-16 10:00
2022-10-16 18:00

Tartaros Campus Challenge 2022

Subscriptions have opened for the Tartaros Campus Challenge in Enschede! There are many different categories to choose from, beginner or advanced, everyone can join. On December 12 the run will take place with the following categories:
  1. 6 km group 2-10 participants
  2. 6 km individueel
  3. 9 km group 2-5 participants
  4. 9 km individual
  5. 9 km individual (heavy)
  6. 12 km individual (heavy)
Registrations are possible until 01-12-2022 You can register directly here.
2022-12-11 10:00
2022-12-11 19:00

Past Events

Survivalrun Udenhout 2022

The first run of the new college year is open for subscription, Udenhout! Many options for different categories, from beginner to advanced, are possible. On Saturday the 17th of September the options are:
  1. Rookie 5.5 km: individual
  2. Rookie 5.5 km: duo
  3. Recreanten 7 km: individual
  4. Recreanten 7 km: duo
On Sunday the 18th of September the options are:
  1. Lange Survival Run (LSR): Competition-license necessary
  2. Middellange Survival Run (MSR): Competition-license necessary
  3. Recreanten 21 km (heavy): Individual from 18 year (3 points can be obtained)
  4. Duo-run 21 km (heavy): Duo-run from 18 year
  5. Recreanten 13 km (kinda heavy): Individual (2 points can be obtained)
  6. Grouprun 13 km (kinda heavy): 4-person run
  7. Duo-run 13 km (kinda heavy): Duo-run
Registration is open and possible until 10-09-2022 (except if it is full before…) but it is cheaper to register before 29-08-2022! You can register directly here for Saturday, and here for Sunday. More information can be found here. If you want to start together with another member in an individual run, please search in the ‘samenstartverzoek’ field for a member that has already subscribed for the run.
2022-09-17 10:00
2022-09-18 19:00

Constitution drinks

On May 13, 2022 the 32nd board of All Terrain was hammered in as follows: Chairwoman - Sanne van Dam Secretary - Ilse Koelewijn Treasurer - Jeffrey Leijten To celebrate this, we are having our constitution drinks on Tuesday, 13 September at the Kafee Kix (Stratumseind 75A, Eindhoven) from 20:00 till 23:00. Due to corona we have not had a CoBo for two years, so four of the previous board members (Jesse, Raymond, Laurence, and Rianne) will also be joining us so you can drink once with the old boards and once with the new board.
2022-09-13 20:00
2022-09-13 23:00

Goodbye Dimi BBQ

The 10th of September we will organize a BBQ as a thank you for Dimi who has been involved in All Terrain for so many years, but who will be saying goodbye this year. Both All Terrainers and Old Terrainers, are more than welcome to join. So If you know some OTers that would like to send off Dimi as well be sure to ask them.   The event will be held at the SSC Pavilion. We estimate a price of 10 Euros. Food and a welcome drink is included. Drinks are sold by the Pavilion (Pin Only).   You can subscribe for the event via this form: Subscription form
2022-09-10 16:00
2022-09-10 22:00

Lustrum Opening party Simius Hircus

3 September 0:00 our sister association Simius Hircus will be 10 years old. They would like to celebrate this at their lustrum opening party 🥳. The party will take place the 2 September 20.30-1.00 at café De Tussentijd in the heart of Utrecht. Furthermore, it will be the first time that their second lustrum song will be sung 🎤. Be on time because the first 150 beverages are free! Buy a ticket (also for plus ones) via the link, because it will be a great evening that you don't want to miss out on!

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2022-09-02 20:30
2022-09-03 01:00