Upcoming Events

Gendringen survivalrun

In February All Terrain will face the cold survival run in Gendringen. On Saturday you'll have the choice between 5 or 9 km long course with challenging natural and built-up obstacles. The trail goes through the wooded recreation area Engbergen and over the lands of the outskirts of Sinderen.  Not enough for you? Check out the Sunday options, 13km or 19km, and feel free to join those by your own. If you want to join All Terrain transportation, register below. To register for the run itself, it's hereRegistration is open and possible until January the 14th (except if it is full before), but it is cheaper to register before January the 1st. Prices:
  • - Saturday 5km: €18
  • - Saturday 9km: €21
  • - Transportation with All Terrain (Saturday only): €9,5
2019-02-02 09:00
2019-02-02 17:00

Exchange Aerial Silk


As you can see on the photo, All Terrain has already experienced to climb in curtains instead of ropes. This happens with the association Blue that does Aerial Silk. And because it is a lot of fun, this year we are organizing an exchange with them again.

What is Aerial Silk you ask? Aerial Silk is showing off by doing all sorts of crazy stunts while hanging in giant curtains.

We will go train with them on the 10th of February starting at 12:00. Everybody can join, but please register below to do so.

2019-02-10 12:00
2019-02-10 13:30

NSSW 2019

The legendary NSSW is coming up, taking place from February 15-17 2019! NSSW is the National Student Survivalrun Weekend, where members of all student survivalrun associations from the Netherlands come together for a weekend chock-full of fun group activities, survivalrunning, games, playing in the mud, and of course delicious food & drinks.

The weekend will cost €59,- and this gives you a roof over your head, food, drinks and many fun activities. There is space for 70 people, divided over 5 associations. Each association can therefore first fill 14 spots until 31-12-2018, after that any open spots become available to everyone (first come, first serve!).


2019-02-15 18:00
2019-02-17 18:00

Survivalrun Zeist

Zeist is one of those runs that fills out fast, so even if the run will be in March, register for it now already to secure a spot. It is not possible to subscribe as a group, but the distance 5km should be easy/doable for everybody. If you want more challenge you can also go for 8km or KSR if you have a license. More information about the run? Visit their website. You have to register yourself for the run, here is the link. If you want to join All Terrain transportation (in a car), subscribe below to this event. Prices: - 5km recreational: €15,00- - 8km recreational: €18,50- - KSR (license required): €18,50- - transportation with AT: €9,00- Check out the video from last year here.
2019-03-24 09:00
2019-03-24 17:00

Who Is The Mole?

Wie is de mol? is a game played by 12 participants during multiple days. The participants have to play games to win money, which is stored in the pot. In these games cooperation is very important. However, one of the players is the mole. The mole secretly tries to sabotage the games to make the team lose in order the keep the amount of money as low as possible. The game consists of multiple rounds. After each round the participants make a test containing 20 questions about the behavior and identity of the mole. The player with the least right answers has to leave the game, the mole never has to leave. During the smaller games jokers can be earned. If a participant chooses to use a joker, one of his false answered questions turns into a right answered question. If there are three participants left, one of them is the mole, the final game is played, which is a test containing 40 questions. The person answering the most questions right is the winner and wins all the money in the pot. . In our All Terrain version we’ll play this game during a 4 day-weekend in April (19th to 22th of April). I can already guarantee it will be a lot of fun! Already curious about it? You can check what is the original game, or you may be able to get more information from Jurjen and Eva (maybe not ;) ) Subscription will open soon, and spots are limited, so be ready...
2019-04-19 08:00
2019-04-22 19:00

Survivalrun Steenbergen

Yet another fun survivalrun to join: Steenbergen! Registration is open and possible until April the 15th. You can choose to run individually or in couple, in both case the distance is 6,5km. Go on this page to subscribe for the run itself. If you want to join All Terrain transportation, register below. Prices: - KSR (7,5km): €19,00 - recreationnal 6,5km : €17,00 - recreationnal couple 6,5km: €27,00 - transportation with All Terrain: €10,50
2019-04-28 09:00
2019-04-28 17:00

Past Events

Exchange with FEL


On Sunday the 13th of January it is finally time for the FELste BOSSO exchange of the year! It will be the last possibility for you to socialize with the other survivalrun associations before the NSSW (Don't forget to subscribe for the NSSW!). We will begin with FEL training at 14.00 at 'Het FELdje'. Afterwards we will move to a slightly warmer location (general room Sterrenbosch 4) indoors for a delicious meal, refreshing beers and FEL games.

If you want to join (training and/or dinner), subscribe on this form (this is for FEL to organize themselves).

Now for our organization, you have to register below if you want to join AT transportation and/or the dinner after training. Dinner will cost €5 to pay to All Terrain. Transportation will cost €6,5. The training is of course free.

When: 14.00, 13th of January 2019
Where: 'Het FELdje' (d'Alamarasweg 20 Nijmegen)

2019-01-13 14:00
2019-01-13 21:00

SSC Pub Quizz


During the SSC open week a Pub Quizz will be organized at the canteen. Not only the entrance fee will be paid by All Terrain, but the money will go to charity!

Last time we joined a SSC Pub Quizz we won the price of the most original answer. Let's do it again ;) Everybody is welcome, even if you do not know any answer to pub quizzes, we will have fun anyway!

Please register below so we know how many teams we have

2019-01-10 20:15
2019-01-10 23:45

New Year’s Eve with All Terrain

This year additionnally to celebrating Christmas, All Terrain will also celebrate the New Year. We will gather at Eva's place in Eindhoven for some games, some oliebollen and some drinks.

Once again, everybody is welcome to join. In order to have the best (late) organization as possible, please join the whatsapp chat here if you want to join the evening :)

2018-12-31 19:00
2019-01-01 02:00

Christmas dinner

We all put a lot of effort in maintaining a great shape, on the 21st of December we face another opportunity to do so. Keep in mind that round is also a really nice shape, which can be maintained. That is why we have the Christmas dinner! We will do our best to make a delicious multi-course dinner. The dinner will be hosted at Jurjen's place. If you have allergies or other weaknesses for some kind of food, please notify us. For the people who do not have a room in Eindhoven yet, some couches will be available. Please notify us as well if you did not find a couch yet.
Edit 03/12/2018: SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE CLOSED Contact Mélanie for the reserve list (no guarantee that there will be a spot available)
Costs will be somewhere between 10 to 15€ p.p. Last but not least: we expect you to put on either a Christmas sweater, or some very nice classy clothes ;)
2018-12-21 18:00
2018-12-22 01:00