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[Cancelled] Gendringen

Information can be found here for saturday 05-02 and here for sunday 06-02. Subscribe on this website so that we know you want to join transport. Subscribe on the links above for the run itself.
2022-02-05 08:00
2022-02-06 17:00


Are you ready for the next AT club event? Well so are we!   Sunday 6th of February we are going for some trampoline jumping (either in JumpXL of JumpSquare). We will have 90 min of free jumping at maximum cost of 11 euro per person (but probably less). A few tickets have already been reserved so make sure to sign up quickly!   Although details will follow we can already tell you not to forget your QR-code, facemask and comfy sportswear.   Hope to see you there!
2022-02-06 14:00
2022-02-06 17:00

Winter Wonder Week [closed for subscriptions]

All Terrain goes up the mountain to go skiing and snowboarding on the fabulous Winter Wonder Week. You don't need experience or have your own equipment to join. We will make sure everyone gets training and can rent equipment. Furthermore, we will be in a nice bungalow park with our own cottage. Included are a big indoor swimming pool and a spa to unwind from the slopes.   First the ground rules for this weekend: The booking for the weekend will be done on the 25th of November and the event will close. If you join we expect you to join. If for some reason you can no longer join it is up to you to arrange a stand-in or some payment may be asked. The weekend will be around 350€ with everything included. If you already have all gear for the weekend you will save around 50€.   The global schedule of the weekend will look the following: Later on, there will be a packing list provided with the gear you will need to bring yourself. As well as the guidelines for the then in effect rules for corona. Lastly, if you have any suggestions or remarks on the week layout. You are welcome to join the committee and organize it.  
2022-02-14 09:00
2022-02-18 17:00

NSSW 2022


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Vrijdagavond (na het eten) 4 maart t/m zondagmiddag 6 maart is het leukste weekend van het jaar er weer, het Nationaal Studenten Survivalrun Weekend! Na een jaar te hebben moeten overslaan, zijn we weer terug!
De locatie dit jaar is nog geheim, maar wij kunnen jullie verzekeren dat het weer een centraal punt is.
Er zijn beperkte plekken, namelijk 92 bedden, wat dit jaar met 7(!) verenigingen gedeeld moet worden wat betekent dat iedere vereniging 13 leden kan meenemen. Voor de bedden geldt wie als eerst komt wie als eerst maalt, dus schrijf je snel in!
De prijs van het weekend is €59,-, dit is inclusief eten, slaapplek (binnen), activiteiten en veel gezelligheid :)
Tot 31-01-2022 geldt een limiet van 13 personen per vereniging, daarna mogen de overgebleven plekken bij een vereniging opgevuld worden door leden van andere verenigingen. Mocht je de 14e of latere aanmelder zijn van een vereniging, zullen we je laten weten dat je op een wachtlijst staat.
Inschrijven kan tot  en met 13 februari (hierna is het niet meer mogelijk om je in te schrijven, ook kan je na deze datum je geld niet meer terug krijgen als je je hebt aangemeld, aangezien wij ook met onze inkoop en kosten zitten)
Voor een indruk van voorgaande jaren, kan je deze aftermovie bekijken van de afgelopen jaren: (gemaakt door Maikel Rutten)


The 4th of March till the 6st of March will be the best weekend of the year, the NSSW (National Student Survival Weekend)! After a year without it, we're back!
The location of the weekend is still a secret, but it is somewhere in the middle of the Netherlands.
You'll have to sign up quickly to join because there will be a limited amount of places available, only 92 beds for 7 associations, which means 13 beds per association and who comes first is first served, so be quick !
The price of the weekend will be €59,-, which will include food, (indoor) sleeping places, activities and a lot of fun :)
Till 31-01-2022 will be a limit of 13 person per association and afterwards the remaining places can be filled up by members of other associations.  If you are the 14th or later subscriber of an association, we will let you know that you are on a waiting list. You can register until 13-02-2022 (after this it is no longer possible to register, also after that date you can't get your money back if you have registered, since we are also dealing with our purchasing and costs)
2022-03-04 18:00
2022-03-06 18:00

[Moved] ESSF Sport Gala

On the 24th of March, the annual ESSF sports gala will take place again! During this gala we will have an award ceremony for the Sportsman, Sportswoman, Sportsteam and Sports Association of the year! Next to this, we will also have an added category of Achievement of the year during this edition of the gala. A to be announced All Terrain member is nominated for sports(wo)man of the year, so be there to show All Terrain's support! If people are interested, we can probably eat together beforehand. If you don't want to miss any updates follow the @essfsportsgala account on Instagram. Tickets as of now not on sale yet (ESSF sportgala website)
2022-03-24 18:00
2022-03-24 23:55

Past Events

Murder Mystery Party

Ready for murder and mystery?   On the 15th of January, you will have the chance to roleplay as an inspector, party host or maybe even a murderer. The event be online. We will start at 20.00 and play for about 2 hours (with the option of playing some other games afterwards as well). What's more? The event is absolutely free! Subscribe if you want to join!   We will meet in the AT Discord.   See you then :)
2022-01-15 20:00
2022-01-15 22:00

[Cancelled] Beltrum Survivalrun

On the 9th of January, we are going to the birthplace of survivalrunning in the Netherlands: Beltrum. Subscribe on this website so that we know you want to join transport. Subscribe on the Beltrum site (https://survivalbeltrum.nl/survivalrun-2022) after 3-1-2021 19.00 to subscribe for the survivalrun as well. The options:
  1. 6.5k recreative (possibly in team)
  2. 14k recreative (possibly in team)
  3. 14k MSR
  4. 22k recreative (possibly in team)
  5. 22k LSR
2022-01-09 09:00
2022-01-09 17:00

[CANCELLED] Saint Nicholas dice game

Saint Nicholas already left the country but he still left an event. During these cold December days we would like to give you a cosy (Dutch style) event before the Christmas break. So snug in and sign up!   To entertain ourselves a dice game with presents will be played. For this, you are asked to bring wrapped presents. At least one of these presents should be something you already have in your house (Yes this is the ideal way of getting rid of that present Saint Nicholas got you this year in case you didn't like it :p). The other presents should be bought with a budget of 5 euros (can be one or multiple). You don’t know who will receive your gifts beforehand.   The committee will arrange snacks and drinks. The costs for this will be split afterwards, although we can already tell you that All Terrain will also pay for some Sinterklaas goodies to keep up the good atmosphere. The event will take place at home, so if you can and are willing to host four people in a covid proof way, please indicate that below.   We are hoping to see you all and make a wonderful cosy Sinterklaas out of it!   The location for the event has still to be decided.
2022-01-06 20:00
2022-01-06 23:00

Dinxperlo Survivalrun

Dinxperlo opened up! More information here. Make sure that you subscribe on the event website and on the AT website both, so that we know for sure who wants to join transport.
2021-12-19 08:00
2021-12-19 18:00

NK Sprint Orienteering Eindhoven

If you have been enjoying the orienteering workshops, and want to try your skills in a competitive setting, here is your chance! The Dutch orienteering committee (or NOLB, 'Nederlandse OrientatieLoop Bond') is organizing a sprint orienteering race in the centre of Eindhoven on 12th December.   This is not an event organized by All Terrain, therefore you need to register through their competition website; https://www.orienteeringonline.net/CompetitionBasicInfo.aspx?CompetitionID=8258   You will need to pay a small fee (~10 euros) to take part and to hire an electronic punch. Don't feel pressured by the competition setting, they are very welcoming to newcomers.   The competition categories are named, for example, H21 (men over 21), H35 (men over 35), D21 (women over 21), D35 (women over 35), so make sure to choose the correct category when registering. The last day to register is the 5th December. A few All Terrainers are already registered, the more the merrier!  
2021-12-12 12:00
2021-12-12 13:00