Upcoming Events

Outdoor and Sport Swap

Are you ready to revamp your outdoor and sport collection for this summer?! 🍃   On Thursday and Friday the 7th - 8th of July, a second-hand sport and outdoor items swap 🥎⚽⛹️‍♀️🏸🏕️ is organized in a collab of AllTerrain with other student sport associations and Go Green Office.   Between 10:00 - 17:00 on both days, you can hand in your no longer used outdoor and sports items (e.g. hammock, rackets, good sports clothing, camping mats) and get a coupon for you to pick up new item from all the collected items. It is also possible to pick items without handing in anything (by making a small donation to charity).   To make sure that the swap doesn't start empty, several sport associations will already put in some material at the start! We look forward on seeing you then!   Want to contribute as a volunteer to this initative to reduce waste? Contact organizer's mailaddress (see below) or leave a comment.
2022-07-07 10:00
2022-07-08 17:00

Climbing on the climbing tower (session 2)

Hey everyone, After a succesful first climbing session, the second climbing session will take place. If you could not attend the first climbing session you can still sign up for the second one. For the the ones that attended the first session: we will adjust the climbing tower to practice climbing in an overhang! The second session will take place on Friday 08-07-2022 from 19:00 to 21:00. The committee will take care of the necessary gear, however, if you happen to have a climbing harness and prefer that one, you can use your own. Since the tower and materials are our very own, the activity will be for free!!! The amount of subscriptions is limited to 10 people, because we can only climb one at a time. Hope to see you there, it will be a lot of fun 🙂
2022-07-08 19:00
2022-07-08 21:00

Construction maintenance day 10th of July

At 10:00 on Sunday 10th of July, our construction will receive some tender loving care. Some general maintenance will be done and some new obstacles will be built.   Coming along to help is a great way to give back to the construction that you use every training, and to catch up with some ATers! Lunch will be provided. It is useful to wear clothes you can climb in the construction with, and don't mind getting a bit dirty. No worries if you have no experience with building or knot-tying, the Parcour Committee is there to supervise.   Please register below so that we know how many people are joining for lunch.  
2022-07-10 10:00
2022-07-10 18:00

Outro Weekend

The academic year is almost over! That means after the exams it is time for some well deserved rest. This summer All Terrain organizes its Outro again. It is a chill weekend with camping and some small activities. So we hope to see you there!   Information: - You will need a working bike to cycle to the campsite (trip is max 30 km) - The estimated costs are about 60 euros for the weekend   More information will be shared soon
2022-07-15 18:00
2022-07-17 15:00

Survivalrun Udenhout 2022

The first run of the new college year is open for subscription, Udenhout! Many options for different categories, from beginner to advanced, are possible. On Saturday the 17th of September the options are:
  1. Rookie 5.5 km: individual
  2. Rookie 5.5 km: duo
  3. Recreanten 7 km: individual
  4. Recreanten 7 km: duo
On Sunday the 18th of September the options are:
  1. Lange Survival Run (LSR): Competition-license necessary
  2. Middellange Survival Run (MSR): Competition-license necessary
  3. Recreanten 21 km (heavy): Individual from 18 year (3 points can be obtained)
  4. Duo-run 21 km (heavy): Duo-run from 18 year
  5. Recreanten 13 km (kinda heavy): Individual (2 points can be obtained)
  6. Grouprun 13 km (kinda heavy): 4-person run
  7. Duo-run 13 km (kinda heavy): Duo-run
Registration is open and possible until 10-09-2022 (except if it is full before…) but it is cheaper to register before 29-08-2022! You can register directly here for Saturday, and here for Sunday. More information can be found here. If you want to start together with another member in an individual run, please search in the ‘samenstartverzoek’ field for a member that has already subscribed for the run.
2022-09-17 10:00
2022-09-18 19:00

Past Events

Whitewater kayak trip Hohenlimburg

We have the opportunity to travel to Hohenlimburg, Germany,  with some experienced kayakers from Okawa! This will take place on the 2nd or 3rd of July, depending on participants' preference.  First we will paddle down the Lenne for half the day, before ending at the Hohenlimburg whitewater course for the rest of the day.  We will need to leave early and get back late as there is two hours of driving one way.   Unfortunately, this trip is only open to those ATers that joined at least one of the kayak workshops on the Dommel, as prior kayaking experience is required. If you have extensive prior kayaking experience and haven't joined a workshop, you can sign up and send me a message to discuss. There is a maximum of ten participants due to safety reasons.  Therefore, the first date (2nd or 3rd July) that has ten participants indicating availability on that day, will be chosen. If the maximum isn't reached, we will go on the date with the most subscriptions.   As this trip requires quite a bit of travel, and hire of  gear, it is more expensive than typical AT activities. If we have ten people subscribed, the cost for the trip will be about thirty euros.  However, if we get minimal subscriptions, the cost will be around seventy euros per person. Therefore, the subscription will close the 15th of June, when a decision will be made whether the trip will go ahead based on the cost per person.  
2022-07-02 08:00
2022-07-03 20:00

Monthly Bouldering (June/July 2022)

What is better than going bouldering? Going bouldering with AT'ers! For people that already go bouldering and want to know when they can expect AT'ers and for people that don't want to go bouldering every week but like to do it from time to time we will organize a monthly AT bouldering moment.   Since the 25th we have a cool BOSSO Exchange with all the other student survivalrun associations the next monthly bouldering will move in to July and will be held July the 1st. To encourage you there will be sponsoring from AT reducing the cost to 7 euro or less. Also if you already have a Monk subscription we encourage you to subscribe so we can puzzle out if we can get you some sponsoring as well ;-) (and it is nice for people to see that other people are coming).   Next to a registration here, you need to make a reservation through Toplogger.nu.   Note that for bouldering you'd like to use climbing shoes. If you don't owe any it is possible to rent them for 4 euros at Monk for the night, but be aware that there are a lot of climbers in AT so there is a fair chance that you can borrow them if you ask around. Furthermore it is handy to wear flexible clothing that protects your legs and for the ladies a sports bra is not needed, but crossed straps can be quite convenient.
2022-07-01 19:55
2022-07-01 22:30

U-battle run Den Bosch


On the 26th of June the survivalrun in Den Bosch will take place. Also the open NK KSR will be held.

The run will contain 50 obstacles and has the following distances:

  • - 5.5 km recreative
  • - 8.7 km BSR (1 qualification point required; 1 point)
  • - 8.7 km recreative (1 point)
  • - 8.7 km recreative with a group of 3 to 8 people
  • - 8.7 km open NK KSR (license required)

Subscribe here for the run.

2022-06-26 09:00
2022-06-26 17:00

BOSSO exchange

On the 25th of June we will organize the BOSSO exchange again! This means that the other student survivalrun associations (FEL, Simius Hircus, Tartaros, Slopend and Woest) across the Netherlands will join us for a fun training in Eindhoven. We will show them the Dommel and our nice construction during some fun activities. After the training you can stay for some dinner and drinks (for your own account). It is possible to only join for the training. Please login to subscribe via the form.

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2022-06-25 14:30
2022-06-25 20:00

Climbing on the climbing tower

Hey everyone, The first Outdoor Sports event in this new board year will be climbing on the climbing tower! All Terrain has gone bouldering for a few times, however, wouldn't it be nice to climb a bit higher than 3/4 meters? Where better to do this than at our very own clmibing tower! We will go climbing for two sessions where the first one will take place on Monday 20-06-2022 from 19:00 to 21:00. The committee will take care of the necessary gear, however, if you happen to have a climbing harness and prefer that one, you can use your own. Since the tower and materials are our very own, the activity will be for free!!! The amount of subscriptions is limited to 10 people, because we can only climb one at a time. Hope to see you there, it will be a lot of fun :)
2022-06-20 19:00
2022-06-20 21:00