Hamster Cooking

April 10th @ 17:30 - April 3rd @ 18:30

Normally, if you would go to an event and the Cooking committee would prepare an awesome lunch or dinner.


This time we come to you and together we will cook an awesome meal that helps you get rid of all that Hamstering you did the past month. Together we will make Hamster Chili, actual hamsters not included. On Friday the 10th at 17:30 we will start the cooking session while on Zoom. The idea is that everyone that participates will be on screen on Zoom and will follow the recipe, (or a variant of it).


The recipe list will be on this link:  Chili recipe


Note that this is the Chili that the Cooking committee will prepare, it is okay to deviate from this recipe and we encourage you to tailor your own Chili from hamstered food.

If you just want to watch that is fine and you can leave out specific ingredients if you do not want them in your chili. If you want tips on replacement ingredients please message the Cooking committee personally to get some tips.


Hopefully we will have a full virtual table

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2020-04-10 17:30
2020-04-03 18:30

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