OSMO: Parcour building

December 10th @ 19:00

OSMO activities are there to have fun, but it’s also important that you learn something new. Our sport is all about conquering obstacles, but before you have to opportunity to do that, you need to build them first!
That’s why we’re going to teach our members how to build the obstacles we regularly use in trainings or survivalruns, so we they are able to build obstacles in a safe and efficient way.

There will be 3 workshops again that you can attend. Joining more workshops will give you a bigger challenge each time.But you don’t have to join all of them.


Monday 25th of November at 19:00.
Monday 2nd of December at 19:00.
Tuesday 10th of December at 19:00.

The costs for these workshops will be available for the low price of FREE. So don’t hesitate and subscribe now!


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Date and Time
2019-12-10 19:00

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