We have been doing the OSMO for about half a year now. An excellent moment to look back and see what everyone thinks. What can be improved, what are our tips and tops. We asked the ATers what they think so far. (Note that this is being updated regularly as it takes time to take reviews).

Overal reviews:

Douwe, (Orienteering, Mountain Biking, Kayaking)

After the third OSMO course, kayaking, it is time for a quick recap. Of course, it all started with orienteering, where we learned how to mark coordinates on a map and choose the most efficient route between them. A very useful skill to have for droppings and the like. After that, we did mountain biking, although I joined only one training it was still very fun to do. In the forests near Best ones who already did multiple trainings showed their skills, while we got instructions on the basics. For the most recent session, we went kayaking on the Dommel with the wonderful trainers of Okawa. It was very fun to see the Dommel from a new perspective. Here we learned that it is surprisingly tough to paddle against the stream of the Dommel and how to help each other out if you flip over with your kayak. All the courses combined were actually a perfect training for an adventure race!
I recommend anyone to an OSMO course, even when you can only join one of the sessions of a specific sport!


The single OSMO reviews:

Carlijn, (Kayaking)

Are you ever walking around campus and think “wow, I would just love to jump into that river”, then OSMO is for you! I did both kayaking and mountain biking, and both were a great way to get outdoors and have some fun.

Mountain biking was in a forest biking distance from the city, with some varied tracks and  open fields as well if you’re new and want to practice quick breaks or control better. We got to do kayaking on the Dommel on university campus, which can be very pretty as the sun is setting. We worked mostly on how to get up currents and use them to your advantage to turn (or flip over if you’re me).

The activities were very fun and a nice way to start a sport you’ve always wanted to try. If you like to try new things (I was a total beginner at both) and you’re not afraid of mud or the Dommel, then this is the place to be.

Douwe, (Orienteering)

Under the supervision of Justin and Remy, we learned how to correctly mark coordinates on a map. After that, we had to run to these coordinates and do a fun task or write something down as proof that we had been there (like taking a selfie with a specific object). The goal was to visit as many of the coordinates as possible within the time limit, so taking an efficient path between all the coordinates was an important aspect as well. Overall, we learned a lot about orienteering during these first OSMO trainings.