Past Events

Exchange Tartaros

Op zaterdag 6 mei is het al zover, de allerlaatste uitwisseling van het jaar! D.S.S.V. Tartaros zal voor iedereen een hartstikke leuke training organiseren op de campus in Enschede. Op zondag 7 mei wordt de wedstrijd in Oldenzaal gehouden. Twee keer in één weekend lang in de trein zitten vindt niemand leuk, dus we hebben in samenwerking met het Outdoor Challenge Park een heel weekendprogramma opgezet! Voor hun wedstrijd zijn ze namelijk nog hard op zoek naar vrijwilligers, en wij zijn als echte survivalrunners natuurlijk niet te beroerd om daarmee te helpen! In ruil daarvoor krijg je de kans om zaterdagmiddag de wedstrijd voor te lopen. Van zaterdag op zondag is het mogelijk te overnachten bij de paalkampeerplaats op 200 meter lopen van het wedstrijdterrein. Programma: Zaterdag 14:00 Training bij Tartaros / Warming-up bij Tartaros voor de vrijwilligers van Oldenzaal 15:00 Vrijwilligers vertrekken naar Oldenzaal voor het lopen van de wedstrijd 16:00 Training bij Tartaros afgelopen en vertrek naar Oldenzaal / Wedstrijd vrijwilligers 7 km of 12 km. 18:00 BBQ in Oldenzaal Zondag Ochtend Wedstrijd Oldenzaal Natuurlijk doen wij ons uiterste best hier een supergaaf weekend van te maken, maar echt leuk wordt het pas als jij erbij bent. Schrijf je dus snel in! The last exchange of the year organised by Tarteros (Enschede) takes place on 6 may. They are still looking for volunteers, so if you have time you can stay and volunteer on Sunday. You can sleep at a pole campsite. Register Here
2017-05-06 12:00
2017-04-07 17:00

First Friday Training


It took us a while but we're finally ready for the first Friday training!

For those whom don't know what the friday training is, it is an extra survivalrun-training. This training is for those whom want to train more than just once a week (so it is not meant to be an alternative for the Wednesday).

If you want to join this first training you need to join the union (SBN) and register below.

2017-04-21 19:15
2017-04-21 21:00

Diving Exchange

Hello Everybody, On the 14th of April I arranged a diving exchange. So it is possible for you to experience an introduction dive in the swimming pool of the students sports centre. It will start at 19.30 and will cost you only 5 euros. You only have to bring your swimming stuff and the rest will be arranged by the diving association Scyllus. Hope to see you all there!
The registrations close 2017-03-31!
2017-04-14 19:30
2017-04-14 21:00

International Cooking Night

On Saturday April 1st, the fourth edition of the international cooking night will take place. During this night we will be able to try all kinds of foods from the whole world, cooked by our own members. we would like to know a bit more then just who is coming, so please fill in this little form after you press the register button :) Shiny Button
2017-04-01 19:00
2017-04-01 23:59

Exchange Aerial Silk

Hey Everybody, The people over at Aerial Silk came up with the cool idea to have an exchange with All Terrain. What is Aerial Silk you ask? Aerial Silk is showing off by doing all sorts of crazy stunts while hanging in giant curtains. We will be joining their training on the 18th of march starting at 11:00 and they will be joining ours on the 29th. If you want to join in, click the nice button bellow so we know you are coming.
2017-03-18 11:00
2017-03-18 13:00

Exchange NSSV FEL

So on the 17th until the 19th we had the National Student Survival Weekend (NSSW) and it was really a lot of fun. Now the next time to see all those people again is already next weekend. As you might have noticed we have been going around joining a training at all the other associations, this time we will be going to Nijmegen. They promise us a nice training, food, and a good time so please do not hesitate to click this nice button here and join us there. :) Register Here
2017-02-25 13:00
2017-03-25 23:00


The Dutch Student Survival Weekend (NSSW) is a sporty weekend away with lots of fun outdoor activities, together with all the Dutch student survival teams. So, apart from the activities it’s also a great opportunity to meet members of the other survival teams! The price of the weekend (all inclusive) will be 55 euros.
2017-02-17 20:00
2017-02-19 17:00

Christmas Dinner :D

We all put a lot of effort in maintaining a great shape, on the 23th of December we face yet another opportunity to do so. Keep in mind that round is also a really nice shape which can be maintained. That is why we have the Christmas dinner :D We will do our very best to make a delicious multi-course dinner for all you guys and have a really nice evening. If you have allergies or other weaknesses against or preferences of food, please notify us. The location is yet to be unknown since we don't know how many of you will join. Also, if you like cooking and want to help with the preparations, let us know! Hope to see you all on the 23th!
2016-12-23 20:00

Exchange Slopend


On saturday 10 december the first axchange training of the year will take place. We will aim to start 14:00 at the obstacle course of Slopend and the training will end after around 2 hours. After the training you can have dinner with us.

You can register HERE!

2016-12-10 14:00
2016-12-10 16:00