StormRun Survival run Deest

October 27th @ 10:00 - October 27th @ 16:00

Do you want to join a survival run close by? Then the StormRun is just for you!

It’s a very broad survival run with many challenges for every length. To read the review of last years 6km, 9km and 13km click here

Register as fast as possible Here, the deadline is the 19th October (but most will be full already before that).

We will provide AT transport for this run for the cost of 6€ p.p. If you want to join transport register below (A SSCE van is already booked)

The prices for joining the StormRun itself are


  • – 6km: €16,00
  • – 6km group: €14,00 p.p.
  • – 9km : €19,00 (1point)
  • – 9km Duo: €19,00 p.p
  • – 13km: €21,00 (2points)
  • – KSR: €19,00
  • – MSR: €21,00

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2019-10-27 10:00
2019-10-27 16:00

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