Run StormRun Deest
6, 9 and 13 KM
Date 28 October 2018
Difficulty (what’s this?) 6KM: T1
9KM: A1
13KM: A2
Rating Recommended

Gerard, 13KM
It was a nice sunny, cold (6 °C) and windy morning. A total of 14 AT’ers went to the run. Gar, Sven and me ran the 13km course and all succeeded! Gar and Sven had just one goal: finish the run and enjoy it as much as possible. I told Gar and Sven I would stay with them for the first kilometer, but as expected, as soon as the run started I just went for it and got the 2nd place for the Recreational 13km category. The early start gave us the opportunity to wait for the 9km crew (Pim, Pieter, Jurjen, Michelle, Bram and Mélanie) to finish the 9km. The StormRun wasn’t such an easy one; it contained a lot of vertical beam climbing, fat man ropes and fire hose climbing (with another beam inside to make it more difficult ^^). So if you’re looking to challenge yourself this run is definitely recommended.

Pim, 9KM
I ran the 9km together with Pieter and Jurjen as their replacement for Laurence since he overslept. It was pretty cold during the run and since we didn’t properly warm up before, the first combi obstacle was already quite a difficulty because we couldn’t completely close our hands. Here Pieter and Jurjen already lost their band, unfortunately. Luckily a few obstacles later we found a really nice man who gave us a small shot of kruidenbitter to warm up. We still did have our 18+ bands after all.
A lot of the obstacles in the run like vertical pole climbing, budgee with sandbag and (self made) short rope budgees were obstacles we had not practised much before, but with a bit of struggling we did overcome them. The run also contained quite a few different combi obstacles which was nice. Furthermore the run had a few long runs between obstacles along a dike which I really enjoyed, although the running parts might have been better divided between the obstacles.
The hardest obstacles in my opinion were the firehose with a beam inside and the traverse on the wooden boards, partly because they were on end of the run. The first is where I also sadly lost my band.
All in all the run was quite challenging and I was sure disappointed that we didn’t make it, but it was still a lot of fun. What I liked most were the amount of relatively new obstacles and different combi-obstacles

Eva, 6KM
Jeffrey, Douwe and me attended the 6km. The run was the same as the 9km, minus a loop around the dike that we did not have to do. Especially the vertical beam climbing was challenging, because you do need a bit of arm strength to get over and we do not practice this type of climbing often in trainings. There were some nice monkey hangs and some weird budgies, for example a rope with a bag of sand attached to it. Apart from the cold, the run was a lot of fun and we saw the beautiful nature around Deest. It was a challenging run, if your level is T1. Still Jeffrey, Douwe and me all finished the 6 km without losing our band and we enjoyed a warm soup afterwards. Also a special thanks to Anne, who wanted to join the 6 km, but unfortunately she did not feel well that day. However, she still came with us to support us and take pictures.