After last weeks level training the training groups have been adjusted accordingly. The new training groups can be found on this page after logging in! (Note that there may still be a few minor changes after the first week)

As of this week we will also start the indoor trainings again. This means that every other week the outdoor training will be replaced by an indoor training. The indoor trainings are held in the gymnasium inside the SSC and start at 19.00. Recommended clothing for the indoor training is regular gym clothing, with indoor sports shoes and long socks. Next training (November 1st) group T will be training indoors and group A will be training outdoors. Check out the All Terrain website for the full training schedule or if want to quickly check if the training is outside or inside.

Please check before the training which group you belong to and show up to the correct training. Switching training groups is not allowed without prior permission from the trainers.