After a relaxing summer it’s time to become more active again. This newsletter will notify you how and when to do so.

In the Planning

Training starting from 19:00

We got our regular time back in the gymnasium for the winter training, this does mean that ALL of out training times are adjusted to this. So starting from last Wednesday allĀ  trainings will start from 19:00 again. Do note that we expect you 15 minutes earlier for outside training to help build the obstacles.

All Terrain Challenge

This year will be the 15th year the All Terrain Challenge is organized. On the 16th of September it will be a promising and exciting day with a challenging route that involves running, mountainbiking, kick-biking and canoeing. The different aspects of the race makes it a race to look forward to each year. There are still spots available. For participation you can register yourself here. For non-dutch speakers, it might be wise to find a dutch companion to participate. If you would like to join but couldn’t find a teammate, please contact us so we can assist with that.

Construction work day

There is maintenance that needs to be done on the construction and we need your help for it. You can find more information and the subscription here.


Upcoming survival runs

  • Ede Best Run (Ede) 15th of October, new in our list-> subscribe
  • Hang On (Doorn) 25 & 26 November, challenging and exciting run -> subscribe

Last month

Introduction week

During the introduction week we joined all of our efforts again to convince as many people possible in the joy we have in our sport. This year it was a great success yet again with over 70 interested people! We will continue our effort to get plenty of new members. The photo’s can be found here.

Lost & found tray

People lose stuff, it happens. But the stuff tends to pile up, so we came with a solution by making a lost and found tray. To prevent this from getting full eventually we had the great idea to just give stuff away if its in there for more than two weeks.


In the past week some people have been traveling over mountains and through the deepest valleys with the All Terrain summer holiday. Its even so fresh that they are still unpacking and resting. So the nice stories and pictures will probably follow on the website coming week.