Hello All and Old Terrainers!

Despite all activities of the holidays, we found you guys some time to make a newsletter.


December was nice and busy so there are a few things to look back into.


On the 19th of december the Dinxperloop was held, in the no known village of Dinxperlo. Where we had around ten entries previous years, this year we were pleasantly surprised by almost 20 participants. It was somewhat of a challenge to arrange transport and food for this many people. But in the end we were able to pull it off and we had a nice, exhausting, day. A lot of pictures were taken which can be found right here on the website.

Van Lint Sportsweek

After the Dinxperloop our yearly week of sports had just begun. The day after a great battle for glory started in the Sportscentre back in Eindhoven. From monday untill thursday teams competed in the most wacky sports people could think of. All Terrain also likes to join here and so we competed in sports like Wheelchairbasketbal, Canoe-polo and for a first time this year, Vertical Twister. After the battles it was time for a nice beer with everybody.

Christmas Dinner

To finish of the week we had christmastime. We celebrated this with our very own christmas dinner on friday. We had a team of chefs to start cooking around 13:00 to make a complete menu for all our hungry members. People seemed to like it since everything was gone at the end of the evening. Afterward people could lounge around to enjoy the company. A lot of pictures were taken here but at the moment we are still busy sorting them and placing them in a nice album.


Where december is a month of sports and food, january is a month of recovery and newyears resolutions. Here are a few of ours for the time to come.

Newyears dive

Real die-hards start the year by jumping into the sea. We from All Terrain like to think we are part of this group but we have a little less sea to work with. To fix this we jump into our very own dommel at the end of our first training. Just as refreshing and, if your lucky, with a free bike. The first training of the year will be on the fourth of january and everybody is free to join.


For those who checked the last newsletter, we said we liked to join up with our friends from other cities. Last month we enjoyed a training by Slopend in Delft together with all the other assocciations. On the 14th of january it will be our turn and everybody will come to us. We will have to show them our best!

Survival runs

We keep on running, the next runs we want to join are here.

Beltrum 8 januari 6,5 km
Gerdringen 4 februari 4,5 tot 9 km