Hello All and Old Terrainers!

Now that we are used to the new year, it’s time for another newsletter.


It was time for a bit of rest after the hectic time of December, that is why we took it easy this month.

Exchange day

On the 14th of January we had a very special training. This training was extra special because it was not just for All Terrain itself, but also for all members of our sister associations. There were people from Delft, Utrect and all the other corners of the country. We conquered the cold weather by training hard and rewarded ourselves afterwards with homemade soup and burgers (and a nice drink).


It took a while but is has finally happened. Our construction is approved and all the paperwork is done. This means All Terrain is now officialy part of the SurvivalUnion of the Netherlands. This gives us a few nice advantages. Members of the union can train on more times than just Wednesday evening, and survivalruns themselves also become a little bit cheaper.

In the planning

In February we are going at it again! This means a lot of sports, weekends and mostly a whole lot of fun.


The weekend of the 17th until the 19th of February it is going to happen. Where previous exchanges were only one day, the National Student Survival Weekend will be exactly what the name says. A whole weekend together with all the other associations doing all sorts of sports and games in the (not so) remote Rundsvoort. A great moment to make new friends and strengthen our bonds. If you still want to register you can do so until the 10th of February. For this you can press this button:
Register Here

Survival runs

A few fun runs are coming up! These are the runs we are definitely joining with a group of people. Of course there is also the chance to meet us somewhere else.

Gerdringen 4 februari 4,5 till 9 km
Zeist 19 maart 4,5 till 9 km
Delft 13 mei 5 and 9 km