Okay, I’ll have to admit that I’m a bit late… But starting this newsletter I want to wish everyone a nice holiday! And good luck to the people who are still studying hard for re-exams!

In the Planning

More Summertrainings

During summer it’s time for the summer trainings, with all sorts of crazy games, challenges and courses. This results in something new and exciting every Wednesday. The coming trainings will be:

  • 9-08-2017 – Knotting cursus
  • 16-08-2017 – PUT YOUR TRAINING HERE!
  • Intro week

  • This year we’ll again try to make a much people enthusiastic about All Terrain as we can during the intro week. Starting from the 21th of August we’ll participate in multiple events around the TU/e campus. We’re still looking for a many volunteers, so if you have some spare in time between Monday and Thursday, please go to this event and subscribe! To remove possible excuses: you don’t need to be able to speak Dutch for this.
  • Ultiem

  • In the week of the 28th of August, Ultiem will take place. If you found yourself in a place that you would still like to join, send a mail to [anti-spam-tag].

The past month

Anrgy Birds(alloon)

An ingenious game that involved using a catapult to launch water balloons on self made fires. The balloons could be earned by doing a parkour with the balloon. The fires had to be made during the ‘peace-time’ using only natural found stuff, which was quite a challenge since it had just rained. The training was organized by Gar.


In the above photo, the heat of the moment is captured as Bram chases Tom. AT-GO is requires a lot of tactics and a good endurance in order to find the bad guys or to flee from the police. One team’s goal is to find objects on a map across the TU/e campus while they are being hunted by two other teams. This summer training was organized by Emile.

Salmon Ladder

A new obstacle for the construction: the salmon ladder. In the above picture Gerard shows how the obstacle he made is done. The salmon ladder requires a lot of strength and concentration to fulfill and sure is not something that everyone can easily complete. So it is a nice and difficult addition to the construction.

Constitution drink

To celebrate that we’re a cozy and fun student sport organization we organized a constitution drink. This tradition follows a lot of rules and strengthens the bonds with other associations. On the sixth of May we blew the roof off at the KIX. The picture above is displaying a broken climbing handle from ESAC, it split perfectly in half. It resembles the way we split from ESAC a 26 years ago.