Hello All Terrain,

While the weather is getting slowly worse and the new members find their way within the association we are getting ready for a new season filled with survival runs. As always, here are the planned items and the things we did.

Upcoming events

NSK (Dutch Student Championship) Survivalrunning

We have the chance to prove ourselves to our sister student survival running associations during the dutch student championships. The race will occur on the 8th of October in Enschede. It is still possible to subscribe, more information can be found here.

Introduction weekend

The preparations are being made for the introduction weekend. The date to be reserved in your agenda is from the 10th of November until the 12th of November. The weekend will be filled with all sorts of nice activities and ways to get to know the fellow members and the association. You can subscribe here.

Other runs

Ede’s Best survival run

This run is new in our collection, the run will be on the 15th of October in Ede. Transportation is provided by All Terrain, you can subscribe here.

Hang On (Doorn)

On the 25th of November the Hang On run will take place, this run is a bit challenging. More information can be found here.


Past events

Sport day high school

On the 4th of September we were one of the sports during a sport day for a high school. Children currently in Havo 2 were challenged to go over all sort of obstacles. The photos can be found here.

All Terrain Challenge

While being slightly smaller then previous years, the All Terrain challenge was still a great success. The challenge was on the 16th of September this year. The results of the challenge can be found here. Photo’s of the challenge can be found here.

Construction day

On the 17th of September we replaced the rotten beams in the construction. So now we can train even harder on it. The construction is also adjusted slightly to aid the small people among us to reach everything. Some photo’s of the day can be found here.

Bachelor workshop

On the 30th we organized a bachelor workshop. Some group of enthusiastic man were celebrating the loss of another free soul. This was done by a course followed by a small orienteering run.