Run SurviFELrun 7 KM
Date 20 May 2019
Difficulty (what is this) Z/T1
Rating Recomended


This review should have been posted way before the summer break but better late than never 🙂

SurviFELrun is as far as I know the only run that is not in a weekend which can be a bit impractical. In the evening of Monday the 20th of May I stood with Oscar at the start of the run, wondering where the rest of our startgroup was.  At that moment we didn’t know that their transport was delayed but we started anyway.

The run started and finished at the sports centre of the Radboud University of Nijmegen and took us partly over the campus and the surrounding parks. The obstacles were not too difficult. A lot of the obstacles could just as well have been from an obstacle run, like crawling net, monkey bars and hurdles. The actual survival run obstacles like monkey hang, swing overs and Spanish horsemen and such were kept simple and therefore did not take too much power and endurance. And the few combi-obstacles present were nice but not very complicated. This did not however ruin the fun as it was still really enjoyable since it was so relaxed. It felt like a walk trough the park, or a run actually. The only part were a few people struggled a bit was a postmanswalk but the organisation was not really strict in taking peoples bands if they failed.

At a few points participants actually had to go through the buildings on the campus which was cool. And of course the run also had a few of the survival run classics, bow shooting and chopping up a piece of wood.

All in all it is a really nice run for less experienced survival runners. In the end 6 people from All Terrain ran the 7k and a little more ran the 5k. Everybody managed to do every obstacle and keep their wristband which is another indicator that it was easy. If you’re looking for a challenge however this might not be the run for you.