Run Thorrun 9k recreational
Date 9 February
Difficulty (what’s this?) T1
Rating Highly Recommended

Olivia, Nathan and I did the 9km recreational run in Zwolle on February 9th, so in the middle of the storm, but Ciara couldn’t stop us from making it a great run. Due to the storm and some very bad directions from Laurence we arrived at the race with 2 minutes to spare. The race began with three different laps through their giant construction, starting us off with some difficult combinations. There were a lot of unique obstacles, like a triangle swing over, multiple long railing walks, and an actual playground that kept the run interesting. The course went through some nice parks and past the main river, and had a lot of drinking spots. The obstacles were made quite a bit more difficult by the wind, but doing a rope traverse at a 45° angle is surprisingly entertaining. The run is not too difficult, most All-Terrainers in T should be able to finish with their bracelet intact. I’d highly recommend this race to any intermediate ATers.