Run Udenhout 18 KM
Date 22 September 2019
Difficulty (what’s this?) A3
Rating Highly Recommended

The 18K run in Udenhout this year was long and heavy, but also a great challenge and a lot of fun. We went with a group of eight All Terrainers, who already had some experience with survivalruns. We were sadly not allowed to start all together but that wouldn’t stop us from finding each other later in the run. The run started by having an obstacle after the first meter and it immediately set the tone for the run, this was going to be a real challenge. When the first obstacle, swing-over with a tire, was completed we could start running. The 18K consisted of the 12K run and a 6km repeat of obstacles we already had. There were some fun and creative obstacles which I had never seen before. There were also a lot of drinking spots, which was really nice because we had to complete 18K. It sometimes got a bit crowded around the bigger obstacles which could get annoying. Nevertheless, the run was a blast to complete and every obstacle was fun to get through, over or under. The run was really hard and because of that only 2 people finished the run with their bracelet. I can really recommend this run to people who like to push their limits and like longer distance survivalruns.