Run Utrecht Survivalrun 6 KM
Date September 28th 2019
Difficulty (what is this) Z
Rating Recomended

Ready, Set, MUD


This was my first ever run with All Terrain, we went in a group with a mix of total beginners and more experienced runners, which I would recommend for any newbie like me.

I had a great time in the fittingly terrible weather. Apparently, obstacles become more difficult when covered in rain, who knew? We were all soaked within the first ten minutes of the run, but this made the obstacles in the river much less daunting. All in all, the downpour really suited the All-Terrain aesthetic; mud.

Even though we were one of the last starting groups there was relatively little waiting time between obstacles. With the exception of the Tarzan swing where one group was parked between the ropes and the net, adding some fun barriers to dodge during your swing.

This course had a few very fun water obstacles like kayaking, bridges and mud-pits. Since I had only had 2 trainings before doing this run almost all the obstacles were new for me, but Ludo and many helpful bystanders made sure I didn’t endanger anyone or myself. This run is a very fun way to kick off your time at All Terrain and definitely doable for beginners. I would definitely recommend it!

– Carlijn