Hello everybody,

In the table below all upcoming survivalruns that All Terrain will join, are shown. In this table you will find where and when it is, what distances are possible and when the subscriptions open, close and will cost extra. We gathered all the information together so you have a nice overview and can choose which runs you’ll be joining.

In the distances colum quite a bit of information is stowed. The #k shows the distance of the run in kilometer so 5km, 9km and 13km for the Stormrun for example. Then between parentheses it is shown whether couples (C) and groups (G) are possible. So for Hang-on groups are possible of 2-6 people. Of course running individually is also still possible. Then lastly between brackets [#] the ammount of points you get for the run are shown. So for Adegem you can get up to 3points depending on the distance you choose. You only get the points when you complete the run without loosing your wristband which means that you have to pass every obstacle (not necessarily on the first try). When you get 6 points within a year you can apply for a competition license which you need in order to be allowed to do competition runs: KSR, MSR and LSR (short, middle-long, and long survival run).

The table will be updated regularly and a version will be put on the door of the shed.


Run Location Date Distances Subscriptions open Extra costs subscribing Subscriptions close
Stormrun Deest Sun 27-Oct-2019 5k, 9k(C), 13k(C) open Full
Survivalrun Adegem Adegem Sun 17-Nov-2019 7k[1](CG) 10k[2](CG) 11k[2], MSR:11k, 17k[3], LSR:17K, 25k[3] open 10-Nov-2019 (€10) Mon 11-Nov 2019
Hang-on Doorn Sat 23-Nov-2019 7k(G2-6), 9k[1](G2-6) open Mon 14-Oct-2019
Hang-on Doorn Sun 24-Nov-2019 8k[1], 13k[2](G2-6), MSR, LSR open Mon 14-Oct-2019
Tartaros Enschede Sun 24-Nov-2019 5k(G2-10), 8k(G2-10) open Sun 17-Nov-2019
Dinxperloop Dinxperlo Sun 15-Dec-2019 5k, 7k[1], KSR open 10-Nov-2019 Sun 1-Dec-2019
Survivalrun Beltrum Beltrum Sun 5-Jan-2019 13.5k[2](G4), long[3](C), LSR Sat 12-Oct-2019
Survivalrun Gendringen Gendringen Sat 1-Feb-2019 6k, KSR, 9k[1] open 1-Jan-2020 Sun 12-Jan-2020
Survivalrun Gendringen Gendringen Sun 2-Feb-2019 14k[2], MSR, 19k[3], LSR open 1-Jan-2020 Sun 12-Jan-2020
Survialrun Zeist Zeist zondag 22 maart 2020 4k, 5k, 8k
Schipbeek survivalrun Bathmen zondag 5 april 2020 6.5k, 9.5k, 12k, 18k
Survivalrun Steenbergen Steenbergen zondag 26 april 2020 4.5k, 7.5k