Hello everybody,

In the table below all upcoming survivalruns that All Terrain will join, are shown. In this table you will find where and when it is, what distances are possible and when the subscriptions open, close and will cost extra. We gathered all the information together so you have a nice overview and can choose which runs you’ll be joining.

If you are a member of the survival association of the Netherlands (SurvivalBond Nederland) you can collect license points when doing survivalruns. These points are needed if you want to join survivalrun competitions. If you collect 6 points within a year you can get the license to join the short, medium or long survivalruns (KSR, MSR and LSR resp.). Depending on the distance and difficulty of the run you can receive 0 to 3 points upon succesfully completing the run. This means you have to pass every obstacle. If you fail an obstacle you can try that obstacle again as much as you like before continuing to the next obstacle but you have to pass it at least once if you want to succesfully complete the run and get the license points

The table will be updated regularly and a version will be put on the door of the shed.