Dear All-Terrainers,

For all those still struggling with their exams, we wish you the best of luck! In a little more than one week it will all be over and you can enjoy your well-deserved summer vacation. In this mail you can find an overview of all the cool things that are thus far announced to take place during the vacation!

Events during the vacation

In the coming week and during the summer vacation there will still be several events organized by All Terrain. The most closest of which is the constitution drink of the new board (6th of July). During the vacation itself a BBQ will be organized (22nd of July) and even a whole vacation to an unknown destination.

Constitution drink of the 27th board of All Terrain

One of the weirder traditions of any student association is a constitution drink. This drink is an opportunity to wish the new board good luck with their lack of free time in the coming year. The drink will take place in the evening on the 6th of July in the KIX café on stratums eind. Our sister associations from other cities from across the country will also be present!
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On the 26th of July All Terrain will organize a BBQ for all members of All Terrain. This BBQ is particularly special because Old Terrainers are also invited. The BBQ will take place in “Op Noord”, a sportcomplex in the Northern part of Eindhoven. More details will follow.
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During the summer, All Terrain will go on vacation. Each year a vacation trip is organized to an unknown destination. The event is organized by all those who wish to participate. If you are interested to join, register on the site and you can get your own say in what you are going to do and where.
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Trainings and other activities during the vacation

During the summer vacation the ordinary trainings will not take place. Fortunately, often members and the board themselves will organize something nice every now and then.
Thus far there have already been several plans in the making.

  • AT GO (interactive game with running)
  • Mini Adventure Race (preparations for the All Terrain Challenge)
  • Knots training (A refreshment of knowledge from the course earlier this year)

The specifics of these activities will follow. If you yourself have a good idea for a nice activity or substitute for a training the board is really interested to hear. You have our phone number, otherwise you can also contact us via our E-mail: [anti-spam-tag]

Past activities

The past month was a special month for us. For the first time, ever, All Terrain organized its own survival run. In hindsight it was nothing but a succes! And we have you all to thank for that. Many of you volunteered during the run and we are gratefull for it. The results and photos of the the run can be found on the website of the run.

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