Hello All Terrain,

Now that the winter tires are back on and the profile under the running shoes is cropped, we are ready for a good start of the Survival season.

Upcoming activities

Now that the holiday month is about to arrive, the planning with activities looks a bit different. Of course very active, but just a bit more often with a snack and a drink.

BOSSO Exchange Nijmegen

The BOSSO organizes exchanges with all associations in order to learn from each other and keep in touch. On the 9th of December it is the honorable task of FEL (Nijmegen) to organise and exchange for us. Here we will also go to see how they have improved their construction compared to last year we will attend a nice training. More information and registration can be done via the event with THIS link.

Christmas dinner

At the christmas dinner we’ll fill ourselves with food to pack on a healthy layer of fat in order to survive the winter. This year Guy has been so nice to sacrifice his house to receive us on December 15th. Under the supervision of our cooking committee, a fantastic dinner will be prepared. Given the popularity of last year, we had to put a limit on the number of participants of 25 this year, so be quick and register yourself via THIS LINK. We are still looking for chefs for the Christmas dinner! So if you like to cook, let the board or the cooking committee know!


The Dinxperloop always is a great run to star with! On the 17th of December we will travel to the edge of the country to enjoy ourselves again. The registrations are unfortunately already full … but if you still would like to join and haven’t let Justin know yet, then you can mail send him an email. He will then see if anything can be arranged for you.

Van Lint week

December is the time for many students sports clubs to find all the crazy qualities in people to select the best wheelchair basketball player, the fastest canoe polo player and the most stable twister player in this special week. During the Van Lint week you can get acquainted with all kinds of sports which you usually don’t see. If you also want to go crazy, you can register yourself via THIS LINK.

Survival runs and Adventure races

Below is a brief summary of a number of spectacular activities that we encourage you to take part in.

February 03: Survival run Genderingen

A light run that in which the weather often is considered a challenging element. Be quick to register, because there aren’t that many spots left! Click here for more information.

March 03: Blue Bear Adventure Race Berlicum

An 8 hour game full of excitement and sensation, Click here for more information!

March 24: Hard of Brabant Adventure Race Tilburg

A 5, 11 or 24 hour race near Tilburg, Click here for more information!

Last month

Below is a brief overview of the activities of last month

Introduction weekend

Wet, cold and cozy would be a good summary for the weekend of November 10-12 in the Ardennes. Even though the campsite was flooded and we had to put great efforts in to keeping the fire going, we laughed enough. A few planned activities have unfortunately fell into the water, but everyone has had a good time.

Knotting course

In order to ensure that we can quickly build up the trainings and to knot let this valuable knowledge seep away on 22 and 29 November we have organised a knot course again. Thanks to Stijn and Guy, our members are a bit more skilled in surviving sport.

Survival run Hang-On

A nice result of a new talent that has developed himself within the association. Raymond (on the right) landed himself in a nice third place at the 8 KM run in Doorn on November 25th.