All Terrain is a student sports association which mainly focuses on outdoor sports. We do mountain biking, running, climbing, mountaineering, canoeing, and orienteering. We train up to three times a week, mountain biking or orienteering on Monday and survival/obstacle running training on Wednesday. Besides training, we also organize many weekend getaways during which we go camping somewhere out in nature. Furthermore, we organize courses on climbing techniques, knotting, canoeing and bushcraft, and a wide variety of other (social) activities. Do you like being active and would you rather be enjoying the fresh outside air instead of sitting inside in the gym? Then feel free to join one of our Training sessions

All Terrain Survival Challenge

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Latest news

Photos Intro Week

Hello, The Photos from the TU/e Intro Week have just been published! Check out the highlights here! (more…)

Extra Training Day

Hello, We're very happy to share with you all that both the SBN and the SSC are on board with All Terrain joining the SBN. Because of this we can organize training sessions whenever we want (for all our members whom are also SBN members). (more…)

Summer trainings

Hey All Terrain, Like most of you probably know it is almost time for the summer holidays. This means it is almost time for the All Terrain summer trainings as well. For those of you who do not know these are special trainings designed by you, the members. Last year…

Constitution Drink

Like some of you probably already know a new board was elected on the 21st of april. Since this is a reason for celebration we would like to invite all of you to join us for a drink. We have planned a small constitution drink on the 2nd of june…

25 year anniversary

Hoorah! All Terrain is 25 years old! To celebrate this, we’ve planned a weekend away to a mystery location near Eindhoven, from the 8th until the 10th of July. Kids are also welcome to come along. Our planning looks as follows: Friday 8th of July; Outdoor games Campfire Saturday 9th…

New board 2016-2017

So every year around April we get to choose a new board for the coming year and this year was no exception. On the general members assembly on the 21st of April, after a heated election, a new board was chosen and so I would like to introduce everybody: Chairman:…

AT Site 1.0

It's Finished! It took way to long, but eventually we've come to the point where we can say that the AT site is in version 1.0 meaning that from now on there should not be any more bugs, errors or other problems. However, the system is far from perfect so…

Lustrumgala Nayade

This year E.S.W.Z.V. Nayade is celebrating their 11th lustrum with a gala and everyone is invited! The gala is the 14th of May but note that registrations close the 29th of April! You can register here or here.

‘Keep It Clean’ Campaign

The SSC has just started a campaign to "Keep It Clean"! For this campaign they want to focus on the following points: Don't wear outside shoes in the gymnasiums or the sport halls If you go to the canteen after a training, hop under the showers first Clean the tables…

Summer is Now!

As all of you have probably noticed: The weather is getting better and better. And that is why we will start this week training with everyone outside (training inside will stop until winter). This means that both the Advanced as well as the Trainees are training semi together and share…